Natalia Sustaita is a multi disciplined visual artist from Chicago 

Acrylic, watercolor painting, pyrography, printmaking, and pastry barely scratch the surface of Natalia’s creative capabilities.
Working in many mediums helps Natalia keep a fresh mind. She always has multiple projects going at once in order to remain productive.

One thing remains constant in her work, her Mexican influences as well as the duality of life and death. skulls, plants, flowers and mushrooms will always be found in her work.
Natalia has displayed her work in many galleries throughout Chicago including the Zhao B Art Center, Pilsen out post, Double door, Subterranean and the Hairpin art center. She has been publicly displaying her work since 2009 and teaching art classes since 2013.

Natalia’s goal as an artist is to inspire people to create art themselves, to be able to teach and guide other people to create things that they love.