I started painting murals in 2017 by assisting Tony Passero paint his RamZelle Mural in my home neighborhood of Avondale. The following year I helped fill in some colors for Chema Skandalโ€™s Avondale mural. I used this time to learn the ropes and got great advice from both artists.

In 2018 I was given the opportunity to paint a mural based off of Chicago land legends, I chose to pay homage to Svengoolie. The classic TV horror comedy Host.

Svengoolie tribute mural

Later in the year I painted my pizza skull as a part of a collaboration between Natalia Virafuentes, and myself.

Pizza skull
Chicago pizza skull
Toy phone at the Exrordinarium store
Retro toy monkey at the Extrordinarium store 2019
Flabby Hoffman and food at the Exrordinarium store 2810 n Milwaukee, Chicago il
Stand united mural at bucket o blood books and records Collaboration between Natalia Sustaita, Natalia Virafuentes, Squeak Starzula, VooDoo Masochist, Tattianna Howard and Ricardo Perez. 2020
Stand United Bucket O Blood mural located at 3182 n Elston, Chicago il
Power to the People temporary mural. Collaboration between Natalia Sustaita and VooDoo Masochist. 2020
Black is beautiful Murals for spirit liquor stores collaboration between Natalia Sustaita and Natalia Virafuentes. 2020

Black is beautiful mural for Spirits Liquor store.
No justice No peace Shiba inu. Mural commissioned by Sounding Boards Chicago 2020